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Welcome to the dawn of a new era in the world of cryptocurrencies. PEPOW is here to redefine the way we mine, stake, and earn rewards. Say goodbye to the old mining methods and embrace a fair, transparent, and inclusive digital economy. It's time to level up your crypto game!

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Proof-of-Stake Mining
Proof-of-Stake Mining

Say goodbye to energy-intensive mining! With PEPOW's innovative PoS model, you can stake your tokens and contribute to the network's security while earning rewards.

Dynamic Mining Difficulty
Dynamic Mining Difficulty

Our unique algorithm adjusts the mining difficulty based on stake distribution and transaction quantity, ensuring a fair and balanced mining process. The more diverse and active the network, the lower the difficulty.

Stake-Based Mining Probability
Stake-Based Mining Probability

The probability of mining a block depends on your stake. The more tokens you stake, the higher your chances of hitting the jackpot. Get ready for some serious rewards!

Governance Empowerment
Governance Empowerment

We believe in putting the power in your hands. That's why we've introduced the adjustable block reward, our innovative governance mechanism, giving you the ability to shape the future of the token ecosystem.

Maximum Stake Limit
Maximum Stake Limit

No more monopolies! We've set a maximum stake size to promote a fair distribution of mining power and prevent any single entity from dominating the process. It's all about decentralization.

Play-to-Earn Games
Play-to-Earn Games

Get ready for an immersive gaming experience within the PEPOW ecosystem. Engage in play-to-earn games that reward you with tokens. Level up your gaming skills while earning real rewards.

Translation Bounty Program


If you have a passion for translation and want to contribute to the PEPoW community, we have exciting news for you. Our bounty translation program is expanding, and we're looking for talented translators.

The PEPoW Core team is offering a reward of US$100 worth of PPoW Tokens for every 1,000 source words translated .

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Airdrop is Live!

Grab your PPW Tokens!

We appreciate the support and enthusiasm from our community, and we want to give back. During the Airdrop, eligible participants will receive free PPW tokens as a token of our gratitude. Keep an eye out for the announcement with all the details on how to participate and claim your Airdrop tokens

Beta Tester Program

Miner Beta Test

Join the PPoW Beta Test program

This is your chance to start mining PPoW tokens and be among the first to earn rewards. As a Beta Tester, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to get hands-on experience with our platform, provide valuable feedback, and help us improve before the official launch. Get ready to embark on this exciting journey with us!


  1. Q1: PEPOW Chain Fork Launch

    • Develop and launch a robust and secure blockchain infrastructure.
    • Implement necessary protocols and consensus algorithms for the PoS mining mechanism.
    • Conduct thorough testing and security audits to ensure stability and reliability.

  2. Q2: Swap Interface, Web Miner, and Stake DApp Launch

    • Introduce a user-friendly swap interface for seamless token conversion.
    • Launch a web miner, making mining accessible to everyone.
    • Develop a stake decentralized application (DApp) for easy staking and earning rewards.
    • Continuously improve the platform based on user feedback.

  3. Q3: Play-to-Earn Games Interface and NFT Marketplace Launch

    • Bring the excitement of play-to-earn games to the PEPOW ecosystem, rewarding users with tokens.
    • Create an NFT marketplace for trading unique digital assets within our vibrant community.
    • Collaborate with game developers and artists to expand the gaming and NFT offerings.
    • Stay responsive to user feedback and emerging trends.

  4. Q4: Community Expansion and Partnerships

    • Engage with the PEPOW community through social media, forums, and events.
    • Form strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects, exchanges, and influencers.
    • Explore integration opportunities with popular DeFi protocols and platforms.
    • Educate and spread awareness about mining, blockchain, and the benefits of the PEPOW ecosystem.

Audits & Reports

PEP Token: Smart audit contract analysis

Cyberscan™ Safescan™

PEP Token: CoinTool Audit

AuditReport PDF Download


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PEPoW Core Team

Ed. Kagohara
A. Knuckles
Thy RedSlayer
Adrian Akowaa
FullStack Engineer
Sofia Lundström
PR Manager

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